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Who We Are


LogicMind is a service provider having expertise in the areas of technology. Founded in 2013 by Carlos N'DALA, a highly experienced from Ericsson. LogicMind is dedicated to the provision of high quality, innovative and engineering services to companies.

The services provided cover diverse areas and each of these areas is seen to be a critical driver in the operation of clients' business across industry requiring to be addressed in a cohesive way.

Our Vision

"Become a Leader of Technological Innovation"

Create more business partnership with other foreign companies all over the world. To make this vision a reality, the company is gearing towards a bright future for the years to come. LogicMind aims at being on its way to becoming a major actor of technological innovation.

Our Missions

  • Develop advanced technological solutions
  • Promote human values by providing companies with a highly qualified personnel to achieve their competitiveness.
  • Foster a close relationship with our clients
  • Provide high quality customized solutions

Our Values

  • Proactivity
  • Persistence
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

Our Philosophy

LogicMind has adopted a simple and unique approach to the way it conducts itself in the marketplace. This approach is integrated to the company culture and operating philosophy and, as such, will be supported and continually reinforced by senior management. We make and honor the following promises to our clients:

  • We will be open and honest in our dealings with you, we will not exaggerate the nature or extent of problems found to exist, nor invent problems that do not exist.
  • We will treat you with respect and through our dealings, expect to receive the same in return.
  • We will tell you if we cannot respond to a work-scope or time-scale and give the reasons why. We will not accept any job that we are not competent to carry out.
  • We will aim to provide a competitive, value added and quality service. However, if you are disappointed in any respect we will take action to deal with the cause or your dissatisfaction and work with you to ensure there is no recurrence.
  • Above all we will value your custom and look forward to establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with you.

We are committed to the achievement of the above each time, every time, and will ensure appropriate levels of training, recognition and reward to attract, motivate and retain the caliber of personnel required to effect this undertaking.

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